Accretive Systemic Enterprise Program

Empowering Success and Self-Reliance

Accretive's Systemic Enterprise® program helps companies operationalize analytics and build an analytics culture. By providing the training, tools and resources companies need to harness the business-changing power of X-Act, Accretive’s Systemic Enterprise program helps customers derive more business value from analytics across the enterprise.

Predictive analytics with advanced mathematical modeling capabilities help companies make critical forward-looking decisions with confidence by providing clear answers on how to best optimize business performance, drive competitive advantage and manage risk. With proactive support and a roadmap for success, Accretive customers are making analytic-based decisions a normal, everyday occurrence rather than something that happens only occasionally or in a reactive manner.

Accretive Analytics Center of Excellence

Supporting Smart Decisions in a Complex World

In today’s highly dynamic, global economy it is increasingly difficult for business leaders to accurately assess the potential impact of critically important decisions. As a result, executives are often surprised when the results of their decisions produce unacceptable levels of risk or create undesirable consequences. To mitigate these risks, improve performance and identify new opportunities for growth, many companies are looking to drive smarter, forward-looking business decisions by exploiting predictive analytics across the enterprise.


However, it takes more than just technology for companies to successfully operationalize analytics. An enterprise-wide strategy—fueled by the right business goals, talent, tools and resources—is necessary to promote an analytics-driven culture. To achieve this vision, leading companies are extending the concept of the center of excellence to analytics, and reaping the benefits of more predictable decision outcomes and improved return on investment (ROI) from analytics deployments.

Partner with Accretive to Achieve Analytics Excellence

Accretive helps customers transition from pockets of analytic excellence to the pervasive use of evidence-based decision making. Customers of the Systemic Enterprise program benefit from Accretive’s advanced predictive analytics tools, highly customized training and deep expertise—developed over 20 years and through more than 400 end-to-end studies, for global companies, in over 15 industries (including financial services, telecom, retail, manufacturing, government services, and others). Once established an Analytics center of excellence helps businesses identify opportunities to:

  • Innovate to achieve competitive differentiation
  • Grow revenue
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiencies
  • Increase operating speed and adaptability
  • Manage risk caused by increasing complexity