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Analytics success is driven by sound methodology. Accretive's proven methodology provides an iterative framework for analyzing, planning and deploying X-Act® Optimal Business Control (OBC) Platform to meet the specific needs of your enterprise.

5 Steps to Success

This methodology has been developed by Accretive to focus analytics strategies and to receive a high return on investment through rapid results. The main goal of the methodology is to build a representative model that accurately reflects all related business processes, system stacks and associated technology components, which will then enable you to emulate your business and technology environments so that risks can be monitored and opportunities for improvement can be discovered.

Accretive Methodology

Stage 1: Define

In this first stage, we determine the key goals of the project and identify performance problems to be solved. Then, we decide on the best approach. Planning, definition of deliverables and governance along with agreement on necessary resources, key milestones and timelines are critical components of this first stage of engagement.

Stage 2: Capture

In the second stage, key data and information about the business, services definition, and the technology configuration is captured using technology collectors, eSurveys and workshops. During this stage we collect all the necessary data and identify which Accretive libraries should be used to build a representative model of business processes—including underlying technologies and infrastructure.

Stage 3: Build

In stage three we use data and information collected from stage two to first build a theoretical model that is representative of the in scope environment, and then we validate the model to ensure that it computes accurately and delivers reproducible results.

Stage 4: Use

During stage four, we use the model to diagnose the root cause of problems, identify appropriate remedial solutions and use emulation to evaluate the risks vs. rewards of any proposed solutions.

Stage 5: Report

In the final stage, we deliver a formal report that summarizes the insights gained throughout the project and present the expected outcomes of any chosen remedial actions. Additionally we help you create a repeatable process for proactively evaluating system changes and impacts on a continuous basis.